Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Necromance in Los Angeles

We've been bewitched by the coolest, creepiest store in Los Angeles, Necromance. The store sells everything from human skulls and taxidermy to vintage doll parts and skeleton keys. We were already making jewelry out of bullet casings and feathers when we found the store, so it was only natural to add bones, prairie dog paws, porcupine quills and beetle shell casings to the line. We had to blog about Necromance because they truly helped inspire our new line, Necromantic. Plus, the owner is really nice and she sends our orders to us in really fun vintage syringe boxes. Did I mention they have not one, but two taxidermy peacocks at the store??? It's worth a visit for that alone! The next time you're in LA, check out their store at 7220 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046. You'll be sure to find something creepy and wonderful to take home. Be sure to check them out online as well. Thank you, Necromance, for being our inspiration!!

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