Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Katie and I, generally, are two sweet and innocent girls (ok, maybe not THAT innocent) but we do have a darker side. It really came out with our newest line, Necromantic. We were inspired by the prairie dog paws, porcupine quills, Peruvian jewel beetle casings and other creepy yet beautiful items we found at Necromance in Los Angeles. It started out as a simple fascination and challenge of making dead things into beautiful jewelry pieces. As it turns out, we're not the only ones who appreciate the juxtaposition of gemstones and precious metals paired with taxidermy and animal bones. The new jewelry has been selling so well, that we decided to make it into our new line. We've sold these pieces and one-of-a-kind items similar in style to Luxe De Ville in LA, Birdies and Mercy Seat Tattoo in Kansas City, Blush Boutique in St. Louis, and Love Brigade in Brooklyn is placing their order from the new line. It turns out that death really is beautiful in the end! All the photos were taken by J Robber Schraeder.

Snake Vertebrae Earrings - $30
Bone and Brass Earrings - $24
Porcupine Quill Earrings - $28
Jewel Beetle Fringe Necklace - $35
Badger Tooth and Beetle Shell Necklace - $41
Prairie Dog Paw and Turquoise - $41

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