Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Luxe De Ville

Scarlett Garnet is now available at Luxe De Ville Boutique in Echo Park, 2151 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026. Oskar, the owner, loves carrying DYI artists' work in his boutique and he was really receptive to checking out what two indie jewelry designers from Missouri had to offer. This boutique is simply FANTASTIC! Oskar has a great eye for buying vintage items and keeps the store unique by selling both old and new. The variety is superb, with price points all across the board. It's simply got something for everyone. We are thrilled to be selling at Luxe De Ville. Thanks Oskar, for helping out indie designers! Go to their review on Yelp to see all the awesome things other people are saying about this boutique.

Oskar, hard at work manning the front counter.
Oskar hand-picked these necklaces made with moluska fossils, turtle claws, gemstones, and Peruvian jewel beetle casings.
Peruvian Jewel Beetle Casings and gemstone earrings
Make It Bake It color block earrings.
Arizona Tea recycled aluminum and Make It Bake It plastic earrings.

And more giant plastic earrings.
Love the front entrance!

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