Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Love Brigade

We met Chris (Tinypants), Alyssa and Jamie, owners and creators of Love Brigade, at St. Louis Fashion Week. We're so impressed with the philosophy of their design which emanates throughout the entire collection. Sexy, flirty, sleekly deconstructed...... sophisticated. I bought five of their pieces at fashion week and have injected them permanently into my regular wardrobe rotation with glee. Yes, glee ;) Check out their blog from STL Fashion Week. Tinypants posted a picture of us featuring me wearing my newly purchased Shadow Dress. Already worn it at least one other time, guys! Love your stuff!!!!!!!! Nice Grand Canyon dress...

Love Bridage! St. Louis Fashion Week

Tinypants and Shadow Dress

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Syd said...

love your jewelery! went to buy the california necklace at una mae's in los angeles today and they were all gone! i was told tom hank's son bought the last one. i ordered 3 (one for myself and 2 for gifting) and can't wait to get them. enjoyed looking at your other stuff on this blog...very talented :)