Friday, October 9, 2009

Off the Record and Sew What at Art Dimensions 3rd Floor Gallery

Art Dimensions' Call for Artists are fairly broad, leaving a wide variety of artists access to having their work displayed in an excellent gallery in the heart of downtown St. Louis. I submitted two pieces to the Off the Record and Sew What shows this year, my first submission to Art D!

Off the Record- Use vinyl in your work
I dug my jeweler's saw into unfamiliar territory, sawing delicate swirls into the vinyl, and echoed the shapes on the opposite side with spray paint. When I picked it up afterward, Gina Weaver (the method behind the madness of the 3rd Floor Gallery) said people kept asking, "How did she do that?"

Criteria : Sew What- Use stitching, fabric, or any image that evokes sewing
Seamstresses have piles of fabric remnants than can later be sewn together to create a colorful new creation. Metalsmiths have piles of copper, sharp edges, and odd angles. Strictly using the scraps from my workbench and minimal cutting or alteration, I "sewed" together pieces of copper with sterling wire to create a classic Katie asymmetrical necklace.

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