Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stylism - Japanese Showroom

When Katie and I were approached by Jasmine via email to sell our products in her Japanese showroom a few months ago, we at first thought it was too good to be true. We replied to her email with a laundry list of questions trying to figure out if Stylism was legit. Emails turned into phone calls and after tons of research and meeting Jasmine in person this past June in NYC, it turns out, yes, Stylism is very, very legit.

Jasmine and her mother run the office in New York where they spend hours and hours searching Etsy and other online websites looking for American bridge jewelry designers to include in their showroom. Once they find the designers they like, the get live samples from them and send them to their showroom in Japan. Buyers can come view the lines in the showroom and place wholesale orders. Stylism also participates in large wholesale markets in Japan where they set up shop and buyers come from all over to look for new products. Instead of us flying to Japan, Jasmine does it for us, takes orders, tells us what we need to send them, takes a percentage of sales and sends us a check. This makes expanding internaionally much more cost effective, although, some day, we would love to visit Japan.

Jasmine is at a wholesale market in Japan even as I type this blog post. We could get a few orders, we could get no orders, we could get hundreds of orders. Either way, Scarlett Garnet Jewelry has made its way overseas to Tokyo. Wish us luck that they'll love our jewelry the way our American friends do!

Stylism is on the 7th floor of a beautiful art deco building located downtown in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan, NYC.

The lovely ladies of Stylism, Jasmine and her mother inside their quaint and well-windowed NY office.

Knowing their market, Stylism asked us to alter slightly a few of our designs to make them more appropriate for fall. We changed out bright chain into darker and added a few stones to some pieces.

Katie and I after meeting with and dropping of samples at Stylism. Yes, we are smiling very cheesily from ear to ear. Thank you, Jasmine, for obsessivly stalking Etsy for new American jewelry designers. Scarlett Garnet Jewelry is honored to be one of your featured companies.

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