Friday, June 10, 2011

Road to Renegade: Packing it up

When we tell people we are driving to NYC for a show, bringing a display tent and all of our gear, they ask, "Are you renting a van?" Nope. It all fits in a Nissan Versa.
We have 1 10x10 tent, 4 tables, 2 chairs, 4 tent walls, 1 wagon wheel chandelier, 3 racks of antlers, a cow jaw, a rechargeable battery, numerous picture frame displays, a cooler, all of our jewelry making supplies, a dremel drill and enough clothes to keep SG looking good for about a week.

Excuse me, can you move your rack?

A brand's packaging can be almost as important as the product itself. We chose biodegradable "plastic" bags for our customers to carry away their new treasures! These cute and functional red bags are available at We also ordered adorable pillow shaped boxes made from recycled material for the jewelry itself.

Take me home!

We arrived in New York City late last night, and are excited to be attending the Etsy Craft Night at the mother ship itself- Etsy Labs in Brooklyn tonight!

A few other random pictures from the trip so far. You can get all of our updates on our Facebook Fan Page.
Ruby is our muskrat skull mascot. She loves sitting on the dashboard, getting the best view of the country.

As we walked through Philadelphia on our way to NYC, we passed by this cigar shop and spontaneously bought a few cigar boxes for jewelry displays and a cash box.

The insanity of the Magic Gardens in Philly.

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