Friday, August 26, 2011

POOL Trade Show, Las Vegas, August 2011

Scarlett Garnet Jewelry busted into the wholesale rhealm with our first ever showing at POOL Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV this August 22 -24. We did our best to have enough in stock for the Cash and Carry booth and also took wholesale orders. Katie came in from St. Louis to Kansas City several days before the show to help with production. In a matter of days, we turned our KC studio upside down getting ready for the show. We have to say thank you to Maria, Esther, Megan, Gabrielle, and Lorena for helping us get our stuff did. Thank you ladies!

Agh!!!! Such an organized mess...

Finished products were hung on our display fixtures lining the wall of the studio to help stay organized.

All our efforts were immediately rewarded the moment we stepped foot inside the convention center at Mandalay Bay. This show is HUGE! And awesome, and a perfect fit for our blossoming company. We didn't know what to expect but we were sure it would be something good at the very least. It was actually something very awesome, indeed. We kinda totally heart POOL. A lot.

We launched our never before seen "Egypt Noir" line while in Vegas. Why not? It's pretty perfect for this city and show. It was well recieved to say the least.

We introduced a neon line of Jewelry for August's First Friday in the KC Crossroads Art District, where our Kansas City studio is located. We brought a few samples with us and also wore neon jewelry during the show. Needless to say, it was a hit! After selling pieces off our neck and ears 3 times in a row on our second day of the show, we decided that we should include it as a product to be ordered. Thus, the neon line has been officially born. Shapes from our past 3 lines, "Nautical Nouceau", "Spaghetti Western Sunset" and "Egypt Noir" are cast in neon acrylic priced way inside your budget. People asked if the jewelry glowed in the dark to which we replied, "it glows in the light."

As first time exhibitors, we were treated very well. We felt right at home, starting from the email correspondence months out to secure our booth up to the closing day of the show, we felt that we were under POOL's gracious wing. We picked up a copy of the POOL Trade Show directory which was distributed to all vendors and buyers throughout the 3 day show.

To our most pleasant and humble surprise, POOL featured us twice in this directory. We sold out of the Multi Metal Chevron Earrings :)

Day 1 & 2 of POOL, the vendors were treated to free happy hour. Thank you!
The real party, however, took place after the first night of the show, Monday evening on the rooftop of Mandalay Bay, Foundation, nose bleed floor. Vendors, show organizers, buyers, photographers all united and had a fantastic time. Open bar for 4 hours = very hung over vendors for day 2, but we'll all sleep when we're dead, right?

Yup, this is the view from Foundation Club atop Mandalay Bay.
We made new friends and fans during the show, including vendors and show organizers. Kristen, the head honcho organizer extraordinaire of Project POOL's immediate neighbor, loved our "Steel Steer Necklace" so much that her team of assistants bought it for her as a gift. She wore it around proudly and we were ever so happy to see her wandering around the show wearing our necklace.

Check out our new friend from "Costella" Bags sportin some chevron action!

And, finally, the Las Vegas sights...And, some well earned chilaxing time at the pool....

Scarlett Garnet Jewelry is so proud to have been a part of this August 2011 POOL Trade Show. We had such a successful trip and cannot wait to come back. Thank you to POOL Trade Show and to all our fans and friends who are there for us. We appreciate your support!

Scarlett Garnet hearts you all!


Garnet and Katie

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