Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Girls' Night Gone Bling

If you're tired of the same old girls' night routine, we have something fun and different for you and your besties! Book a jewelry making class with Scarlett Garnet! It's the perfect chance to hang out with your friends, gossip, drink wine and learn to make jewelry! This is the only girls' night where you learn a new skill and walk away with a piece of jewelry you designed yourself!

Last night I had the pleasure to teach 8 lovely ladies how to make jewelry out of my stock of gemstone, glass, metal and wood beads here at the Scarlett Garnet Studio in KC. Stefanie emailed me to book a jewelry class and recruited 7 of her friends to attend with her. The girls each paid a base fee to pick through all my beads, chains and findings to create jewelry pieces made just for them. It was so much fun to work with them all and get to know them during the class. We all had a blast drinking wine and eating snacks while we worked. I provided some wine and snacks and the girls brought some extra wine and snacks as well. The perfect ingredients for a girls' night: wine, cheese and crackers and jewelry.

Here's what Stefanie and her friends made.

Jean chose this Southwest inspired wooden shape designed by Katie and me and added some brass African beads, lapis lazuli and a turquiose briollette on brass chain. She was a natural at jewelry making and picked up on how to work with the materials in no time.

Emily chose this mother of pearl as her centerpiece and added dyed shell, wood and black onyx on a brass colored aluminum chain. She started out with too many bead options and knew it was a little too much so she asked my advice on how to slim down her choices. I told her to pick her favorite bead, which is the shell suspended in the middle, and the we worked together to come up with this design.

Esther fell in love with these thorny stainless steel pieces designed by me for our very first line and added a piece of vintage glass resourced from a chandelier. She used silver chain to hold all the pieces in place just where she wanted them. She was a natural and worked very quickly and efficiently and before I knew it, she was helping me out by helping the other girls.

Check out this amazing bib necklace made with turquoise and brass pieces on brass colored aluminum chain. The strung beads are suspended by two vintage brass components that Katie and I found at a bead store in San Francisco.

Stefanie gravitaded towards these copper pieces designed by me and Katie. She made them her own by adding green and blue crystal beads and a sparkly brass and white chain. Her necklace is long enough to slip over her head and makes a bold statement.

Catherine was inspired by SG's Disco Headdress Necklace when she designed this piece. She wanted to mimic the assymetrical look with beads cascading in different lengths down one side. She chose a vintage brass component sourced from one of our trips to San Francisco as the centerpiece. I drilled holes in the pendant for her after we discussed how she would like it to hang.

Suzy brought in her own pendant to the class to revamp it into something new. The fish was inherited from her Grandmother, who Suzy was very close to. She wanted to do something really special with it. She gravitated towards these blue and white vintage German enamel pieces that Katie and I found in San Francisco. I drilled the holes where she wanted them and showed her how to wire wrap vintage glass beads to the pieces and connect them to the brass chain. She paid a little extra to make these earrings because she really wanted to make a few things and fell in love with these green crystal beads.

Lea really loved this gunmetal ring and decided she wanted it to be the centerpiece of this necklace. I suggested putting this shell bead inside it to give it more definition. She really liked the circular black lava rock discs and vintage costume pearl beads. She and I worked together on the design and it turned into something truly unique.

These girls were all just so wonderful and I truly had a great time. I thanked Stafanie for booking the jewelry class and was so happy to see her and her friends walk away with beautiful creations that they designed to suit their personalities.

To book your own girls' night jewelry party in Kansas City or in St. Louis, visit our website for all the details or email us at We would love to hang out with you and your friends and help you make beautiful bling!

I look forward to crafting with you and your ladies soon!


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