Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Inspiring a Name - Rhett, Red and Scarlett

As I was reading the latest Etsy blog giving advice to jewelry designers, I read a post from RhettDidntGiveaDamn. My first Treasury inspiration was born!
Our business name, Scarlett Garnet, is the combination of my obsession during high school, and my business partner's name, Garnet. Around the age of 15, I was awe struck by the story of Gone With the Wind- the confident and headstrong heroine, the brazen hero, and the tear jerking finale! Any costume party became an excuse for a hoop skirt, and I even started responding to the name, "Scarlett."
Now, Garnet and I both respond to "Scarlett"! And Garnet, and Red, and....
I have sought out the best and brightest of shops, products and people that have been inspired by Gone with the Wind. Now maybe you will be too!
Check out the Etsy Treasury here!
For more history on Scarlett Garnet Jewelry, read about us.

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