Sunday, March 20, 2011

Creating a line- Spaghetti Western Sunset

Scarlett Garnet Jewelry currently releases two lines a year, each revolving around a loose theme. Our collaboration has become more enmeshed with each line as we both bring our ideas to the table and lock ourselves in the studio to hash it out. The Spaghetti Western Sunset line was inspired by our trip across California in July for shows, and by Garnet's road trip home through the south west.

We both work individually on our own designs within the theme and come together to collaborate. After looking over each other's drawings, we make revisions and research source images for more inspiration.

We discuss materials such as metal, chain, gemstones and findings. Our travels for shows around the country allow us to shop in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin and New York City for supplies.

Scarlett Garnet is fueled by wine and dark chocolate.
These pictures were taken in SG's studio in St. Louis, which is in the lower level of Maven Boutique in Maplewood. Thrift stores, freecycle, and vintage finds provide the decor of the studio.
After we draw and re-draw each design, we send them to our good friend, Steve Smith, to turn them into the proper digital files for the type of cutting they will undergo, depending on the material chosen. Prototypes are cut and assembled with chain, stones and findings. Much revision takes place during the actual production process until a final design is achieved and photographed for our website and promotions.
You can see all of the final designs here on!

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