Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Boutiques for Scarlett Garnet- Squasht Gold Dragonflys!

Scarlett Garnet has added several new boutiques to their roster in the last few months! We are always SOO excited to meet new owners and buyers, have our work spreading across the state, and all over the nation! We snap pics when we drop off inventory and trade links with stores whenever we can. These pockets of retail fashion bliss are our heroes- they are wonderful models of entrepreneurial success, and the owners are often strong women our age or within just a few years! We need them to sell our pieces and promote our brand, they need us to create unique and high quality jewelry that will keep their customers satisfied and coming back for more. Quite a balance!

In memory card order:

DragonFly Designs in Eureka, MO
Not only does she carry many local designers, she also creates custom stationary, invitations, and any other correspondence that needs a personalized kick! Just a couple of turns off highway 44, west of St. Louis, and you'll reach this adorable destination spot.

Solid Gold in Austin, TX
Scarlett Garnet and Solid Gold share the SG name with pride!

We loved the floating racks at Solid Gold. It gives a light feeling to the small boutique in East Austin.

Squasht by Les in Chicago, IL
SG's friend, Leslie Timpe, has migrated from STL to CHI and opened a new boutique to showcase her wares. Her networking in the design world allows her to carry so many great looks!

We are always looking for new boutiques to carry Scarlett Garnet. Let us know if you frequent a store in your city!

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Mikaela said...

love your post!! are you in any boutiques in northern california? are you associated with Gemvara.com? just curious since your brands name is scarlett garnet (2 gemstones)?