Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Crafty Supermarket in Cinci and Fabricate Boutique

Scarlett Garnet had the honor of participating in the Crafty Supermarket in Cincinnati, OH again this spring. Held in the Clifton Arts Center, an old school, the carefully curated show is a hot spot for shoppers! They lined up outside the show for at least an hour before the start to grab the awesome goody bags, and came in droves all day long. I was very impressed with the vendors at the show, especially booth neighbors Magpie and Molly's hand sawed creations, and Busty's Fun Bags.

The Supermarket was Auntie's turn to carry her adorable niece! While Mom helped her try on the Mercury's Wing Necklace, the mirror provided much entertainment for all. Cinci shoppers know the art of the baby backpacks, too crowded for strollers!

The organizers of the show also run the boutique Fabricate in the NorthSide of Cinci. You can purchase Scarlett Garnet at the shop, as well as handmade goods from many other local artists. I picked up barrettes from one of my favorite accessory designers, Felix and Jane.

SG at FabNorthSide

Fabricate displays art on one wall of the store and holds monthly art openings

Felix and Jane, whom we met at St. Louis Fashion Week years ago, makes lovely little barrettes with bright colors and contrast stitching. I love the random shapes and florescent hues. They lady behind you in line at the post office will enjoy looking at something new too.

My mom and I made it a Mother's Day weekend trip and drove together from St. Louis to Cincinnati. We survived many hours in one car, and had a lovely dinner with my friend from college, Katie England-Simms, in a blossoming area on the skirts of downtown Cinci. We checked out some shops in Indianapolis on the way home, including the super fresh Homespun.

By no means am I a church searching tourist, but Mother's Day mass brought us to the St. Peter in Chains Cathedral in downtown Cinci. After inhaling large amounts of incense for over an hour, I found the architecture and art very inspiring.

The colorful stained glass windows- so calming and peaceful

The Greek style paintings and mosiacs glowing with gold leaf and detail

Artists and crafters- this is a great show in which to participate. I had the shock and pleasure of pulling up to load-in and being greeted by not 1, not 2, but 4 volunteers to help me bring in my displays! Booth sitters made constant rounds to offer help, and the venue had tasty, healthy food by local restaurants. I highly recommend applying to this show, but no jewelry vendors, we don't want to lose our spot ;)

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