Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Genius of Blue Window Creative

We Heart Blue Window Creative!

We have simply fallen in love with Mary and Joel Schroeder of Blue Window Creative. This power husband and wife duo are the creative geniuses behind the design and photography of their company, Blue Window Creative. Katie and I met them when we founded the Wedding Hive about a year ago. We knew that they were an extremely talented design company as we had heard amazing things and seen their fantastic work. It wasn't until I saw the branding, website and graphic design they did for the KC Wedding Hive, however, that I truly understood their true greatness. Katie and I decided then and there that they were our design company of choice for our re-branding. They've created this clever logo for us and it's simply changed the face of Scarlett Garnet Jewelry forever.

What a sexy new logo!!!

Not only does Blue Window Creative offer great design, they also have great printing rates for business cards. The company they use is actually extremely affordable for things like dye cutting, multiple colors and multiple finishes. Our new business cards are cut in this shape and have both a glossy and matte finish. Holla!!

Did I forget to mention that they were able to help us out in a time crunch? We are getting ready to leave town July 8th - 21st for the Renegade Craft Fairs in LA and San Francisco and they had about a month to really get going on this. They whipped this amazing new logo and all the print material files right up. Now they're working on making our website, as Mary would say, "sexeh". They're just too good to be true. People will buy our jewelry just for the logo!! And, hopefully because they like it, too.

Their amazing talent doesn't end there. Did we mention that they're also wonderful photographers? Check out these amazing photos and see for yourself. Recently, they've even started a new photography company called Circa. Check it out at IHeartCirca.com

Thank you Mary and Joel! Scarlett Garnet hearts you!!

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