Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Custom Orders. Let Me See Your Grill and Paper Planes

Let me see your grill. You wanna see me what?

Garnet called to say that she was hosting a jewelry show at her new studio for a KC dental school graduating class. "Teeth," she said, "I need teeth." So I dug my saw teeth into sterling silver tooth shapes, polishing them up, brushing them until they sparkled for the most recent pack of female dentists to hit Western Missouri. These little gems are on their way to KC as I type, ready to be added to chains, and adorn the neck of your next check up.
As a St. Louisan, I can't help but use the lines of the eloquent Nelly and say, "Rob the jewelry store and tell them make me a grill."

Bonafide hustler, clockin that game.

Brea McAnally, photographer, luminarian, friend. Brea has taken many of the product photos for SG and has only a few requests. Digging through our supplies, Brea happened upon some military pins Garnet had sent me a while ago. She was adamant about owning a necklace that had clever gun pins but also pictured the words "No More." Brea has established herself in an area of St. Louis that some don't tread. Oft a witness to her crazy shady neighbors' "retail," she has her pulse on the 'hood and knows what is going on. The No More necklace was a combination of delicate details (faceted quart, retro cut aluminum and fancy chain) with hard core little mini-gun pins with the back taken off. I couldn't help but think of M.I.A.'s Paper Planes song when making jewelry out of guns, but I took the time to read up on MIA's motivation for her lyrics. Brea's work with the International Institute fits in perfectly with MIA's commentary on America's ideas of foreigners.

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