Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Melissa Lin Ellis Photography

Melissa Lin Ellis: Stolen From Chicago

We met Melissa about 6 month ago, right after she moved to KC from Chicago. Their loss is truly our city's gain! Melissa Lin Ellis is a talented, up and coming photographer who's name you should remember. Plan on seeing it around town a lot in the near future. This woman is a power house - sometimes I don't think she even sleeps. She's always working away, growing her portfolio and company with each photo shoot.

Scarlett Garnet had the fortunate opportunity to network with her through the Wedding Hive. We knew she would be the perfect fit for the KC portion of our new Scarlett Garnet Bridal Line.One rainy day early this June, we met at the SG studio in the Crossroads to take the photos of the new collection.

Melissa and I were on such tight schedules that I didn't have time to find a model. So, gulp, insert me as model! Scary! I'm the one whose always making the funny face, ruining otherwise perfect photos for everyone. To add more pressure, the results of this shoot were literally going to make or break the success of our new bridal line. I had to figure out a way to put my nerves aside and stop making those silly faces. Impossible!

To help me play the part, I borrowed a wedding dress and veil from Janay-A. Feeling a little more confident in my costume, Melissa and I were ready to go. I was nervous for about two seconds when I realized that there was nothing to be worried about. Melissa put me right at ease with her direction and easy-going personality. I succumbed to her instruction and, alas, actually became a decent model! No funny faces here, just me being myself, you know, hanging out in a wedding dress on a random morning in the Crossroads Art District. Yeah, that's me...

Check out Melissa's amazing work. She loved my peacock tattoo, artwork of Chet Duvenci at the Mercy Seat, and carried the theme into the photo shoot with a few random peacock feathers I had lying around (doesn't everyone have peacock feathers just lying around?) Maybe just me but the photo shoot went off effortlessly, despite the fact that it was raining the entire time. Melissa Lin Ellis, thank you for your contribution to Scarlett Garnet Jewelry. We hope to work with you for years to come. Oh, and welcome to Kansas City!

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