Thursday, June 13, 2013

Two Geminis, One Jewelry Company

When Garnet and I first met almost 7 years ago (virtually, of course, as we still lived in separate cities back then) we realized that we are both Geminis.  It seems to explain a lot about why we do what we do and why we get along so well.

When looking up descriptions of Gemini, I found this, "When a Gemini matches up with another Gemini it’s usually a miracle because the two of you would burn each other out instantaneously but it would be a good time while it lasted" (  I feel like perhaps Garnet and I have abated this by being in different cities.  The distance could have killed other business partners, but for two strong willed Geminis it works. Maybe because we talk less regularly than cubicle-buddies, we are able to even out the highs and lows of the volatile Gemini tendencies.  

I have always felt like I had dueling interests, both sides of the Gemini at work.  In high school and college, I focused on scholastic pursuits with a major in biology, pre-med.  But I still was taking several philosophy and fine-art classes and performing with the dance team.  I could enjoy staying up all night studying the mechanisms of glycolysis but could dance all night at college parties too.  I love to be an extrovert, on stage performing, but was also to be the solid voice of reason and quiet ear to many a friends' dramas in life and love.  

Garnet and I share the Gemini personality trait of creatively beating to our own drummer.  Perhaps I have not felt as much of a rebellion feeling as Garnet does, but I think we both have had the "to hell with convention" attitude that sets Scarlett Garnet on its own path.  There are a few more qualities of Geminis that make us perfectly suited to become jewelry designers.  For one, Geminis like new challenges are quick to jump to the next idea, aligning us perfectly with creating new jewelry components on a regular basis.  And second, Geminis are good at pairing those mental skills with manual dexterity- meaning a talent with one's hands, perfect for jewelry design.  Lastly, Geminis are social butterflies and tell energetic stories, making them perfect genuine salewomen!  

To start sketching the Gemini Necklace, I wanted to get away from the often used images of two twin girls, and a numeral much like the Roman II.  I share a birthday (June 13) with Mary Kate and Ashley enough with the literal Gemini twins.  I wanted to create a pendant that represented two personalities overlapping and coinciding, not two distinct pieces that were separate.  Hence the overlapping swirls came to shape.  The diamond shape is one I often find myself drawing, and the swirls took several turns before landing on the final design.  

We partnered with the photographer Meagan Huth of High Spektical Photography for product shots.  I was uber impressed with her crazy portraits and art photos, as well as her willingness to capture a client's vision.  She also runs a super dope vintage clothing store on Cherokee Street, just blocks from our St. Louis storefront, that doubles as her photo studio.  

I originally wanted to have Garnet and I be the models for the Gemini Necklace, but time constraints made it difficult for GG to be in STL before the launch online of the necklace.  I looked briefly for another Gemini to be my twin, but in the end, I got to be my own twin!  

Astrological jewelry
Double Exposure- The Dark and Light Side of the Gemini, overlapping into one

zodiac jewelry with astrological signs
Two exposures on one frame made for some ghostly conversation

In addition to these double exposure shots, we also did long exposures with a flash that would make two images appear on the same photo. We had a lot of fun playing with all the different techniques and ways to line up within the frame.  

A couple weeks later. we were invited by Google (yes, Google! More to come on that) to be filmed for a special project.  Garnet made plans to come to STL, and we got to hook up with Meagan again for a true Gemini Twin shoot.  Garnet and I had opposite ombre hair color, I created the allusion of bangs, and we painted our nails the same shade of emerald green.  Back in 2010, Garnet and I each separately picked out the same dress, by Always the Forest, out of hundreds of vendors the Renegade Craft Fair.  Early in the morning, Garnet and I donned our twinsies best and met with Meagan on Cherokee street to shoot.

fashion photo shoot with twins and sunglasses
People walking by on the street asked if we were twins.  For the Win!

Gemini twins zodiac necklace
Eye've got my eye on you.  Mural by Peat Wollaeger

twin double exposure photography for gemini zodiac necklace
More double exposure - double the pleasure, double the fun

Scarlett Garnet Gemini Twins
Chillin on Cherokee in front of the graffiti wall, in our matching fringe dresses

sunglasses on twins fashion photography for zodiac jewelry
Future's so bright, we gotta wear shades

gemini necklace for zodiac line of jewelry
Gemini Necklace, $64 in stainless steel and copper plated steel

The shoot was quick with wicked results.  We always try to look different when we are both representing SG at a show, so it was fun to intentionally attempt to look the same for once!  

We will be blogging about all of the Zodiac necklaces- including inspiration for the design and a behind the scenes of the photoshoots.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram if you like the pics!  

Thanks for reading!

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