Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ice Cream Social!

 During my recent trip to the West Coast, I visited one of our top secret super awesome suppliers and found some fun, flirty aluminum chains in light green and purple.  They instantly became my muse, as chains and stones often do, but these chains were begging for the spotlight.  With summer right around the corner, I knew they had a home in a future Scarlett Garnet collection.  I paired them with some neutral tone chains and a theme was born!  The light green and brushed brass aluminum chains paired perfectly and reminded me of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  The purple looked oh so demure when paired with the dark grey aluminum chain and screamed raspberry sorbet.  For a "Lactard" (my term for a lactose intolerant individual), these thoughts of ice cream seemed kind of crazy but I knew I had to go with the flow of the creative juices.

I had no choice but to showcase these fabulous colorful chains.  I immediately thought of a bracelet design, combining some nouveau styled cut metal as the ornate clasps and closures.  The aluminum chains are so light and I knew that I could get away with some serious volume so I went for it - a 10 chain bracelet was born!  Inspired by Katie's love of asymmetry, I made sure to come up with a random yet clever and eye pleasing color pattern.  To mix things up, we included a new finish to the stainless steel nouveau components - sand blasting!  This gives the stainless steel a matte, darker finish, just what the sparkly colored chains needed to keep them in check.

Ice Cream Social Bracelet in Raspberry Sorbet 

Ice Cream Social Bracelet in Mint Chocolate Chip

But why stop there?  This Lactard was in heaven, I got to have my ice cream and eat it too???   The lightness of the aluminum chains proved too perfect an opportunity to pass up on some seriously big, colorful and dangly earrings. Although they look massive, they truly are light as air.

Ice Cream Social Earrings in Mint Chocolate Chip

Ice Cream Social Earrings in Raspberry Sorbet

Some of our lines are so "serious", combining ancient cultures, history and Nouveau/Deco with unusual gemstones and semi-precious metals.  Katie and I were ready for something relaxed and fun yet still encompassing our signature style.  The nouveau cut metal components have a sort of circus look which ads to the theme of fun, however, they still represent our unique point of view.  The colorful chains add the funky flair that this summer needs.  And, who doesn't love ice cream?  

After creating a finished product, the next step is to hire an amazing photographer.  When Scarlett Garnet was a gallery/studio in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City, we shared the space with M&E Photo Studio.  They were the talent behind our Spaghetti Western Sunset Line photography.  Having since moved on to bigger and better locations, both businesses have been working hard and focusing on growth.  As the Universe often re-crosses our paths, Emily Lodigensky (the E of M&E) and I have been bumping into each other so often this Year of the Snake that a collaboration seemed to be in the cards. 

 Emily Lodigensky, hard at work, capturing the moment and the jewelry.

 It takes a village to make a perfect photo shoot.  One of my BFF's, Tara Milleville, offered to photo assist.  She's a natural, as we discovered during the Black Forest Nouveau photo shoot, but doesn't know it yet.  Thanks, Scrappy T, for shining the light where it's needed!

We met to discuss the details of the shoot, Emily suggested the PERFECT location, the bridal suite in the Bauer Building (formerly the Art's Incuabator in the KC Crossroads), and I found the perfect models.  Scarlett Garnet NEVER uses card carrying career models, rather we focus on real women, usually our friends and acquaintances, the people who support us, inspire us & look awesome in our jewelry.  Nancy Lee Ayala Rush, a KC vocal talent and beauty, who also just happens to have purple highlights, was my go-to-girl for Raspberry Sorbet.  Tonia Barksdale, an up-and-coming KC clothing designer and old neighbor of mine was our Mint Chocolate Chip.  The girls were happy to model and they were AMAZING!!  They truly had fun, looked fabulous, and got to eat the ice cream in the end. 

 Nancy Ayalla looking demure as Raspberry Sorbet.

Tonia Barksdale showing off her sass as Mint Chocolate Chip.

Katie and I personally could not be any happier with this new line, our models and the photography!  What a visual treat!  We'll virtually launch our new line on the Summer Solstice, June 21st.  

Please join us for our physical launch in Kansas City on June 27th at one of our all time favorite boutiques, Colfax, in Westport.  We will not only have our new line available for purchase but will also have an array of all our past lines and one-of-a-kinds available.  We will also be raffling off a free piece of jewelry!  In addition, Boulevard Brewery, our sponsor, is providing free Wheat and Pale Ale for those age 21 and over.  Did I mention there's also free ice cream?  And cupcakes?  

Happy Summer 2013 - let the fun begin!!

Stay tuned for the Saint Louis launch at our beloved Cherokee Street store front, mid-July.  Who knows, we may just add a few more Ice Cream Social flavors...

XOXO for now!


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