Friday, February 22, 2013

Simple 7 Rule - Eat Better. Sharpening the Saw

Watch yo hands!

One of the things that makes eating a lot of fresh fruit and veggies more fun is an awesome knife! My roommate, Rosa's, father gave her a ceramic Shenzhen chef knife for the holidays, and it has rocked our world since.  It comes with its own instructions and warnings, but once you feel how easy it is to slice through a crisp cucumber with ceramic, you'll never go back to steel.  

Every time we rave about how much we like using the new knife, my roomie snaps a photo to send to her father (above).  
Row boat salad bowl available at

If you've wanted to eat more fresh vegetables and fruit, but seem daunted by the amount of time it takes to prep and cut them, bring in something new to make it fun.  Not that you should go out and buy a whole new Ginsu knife set, but having a new cutting board, salad spinner, a pretty new salad bowl, even a new seasoning will make prepping healthy food that much more fun.  

The photo positive reinforcement doesn't hurt either. :)

Thank you for reading! ----- Katie

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