Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Neon! Glow in the LIGHT.

We here at Scarlett Garnet are so stoked that neon is in this summer.  Last year, as we were driving across the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania on our way home from the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, we had a moment that went something like this:
Garnet: "I totally wanted to be Jem when I was a little girl."
Katie: "Dude,  me too!  I had the red star earrings and everything!"
and hence- a Neon line was born.

We jumped right in to the light by getting some of our older and current shapes cut into acrylic.  The wondrous Carmen of Faction Magazine and Kansas City's Fashion Group International was doing a photo shoot with Jeff Evrad, and our little plastic pretties were swimming in the fanciest rooftop pool in Kansas City.  Garnet snapped some fun behind the scenes photos too.

Check out Evrad in the middle of a pool, on a ladder, with a super fancy camera!

Neon Chevron Necklace
Our Neon Chevrons mimics our Multi Metal Chevron Earrings and Necklace.  Hotcakes.  

Neon works best when used sparingly.  I admit, I am one to go all out with bright patterns that hurt your eyeballs, but with neon, just adding in a touch of  fluorescent can spice up a neutral outfit.  I love hot yellow paired with a light gray, and a spot of hot orange with navy blue.

Coiled Snake Earrings in Orange Acrylic paired with a neon yellow tank,
white and tan block skirt and long cover.  
Pyramid Egypt Necklace in Neon
Pyramid Scape Necklace in Steel and Pink Acrylic paired with a basic black tank
 and a handmade skirt, from vintage materials.

In June, I used my birthday money to upgrade some essentials in my wardrobe.  I know I am the only person that still uses a watch to tell time, rather than a cell phone.  But if you saw a watch at Target that matched your Bow and Arrow earrings this perfectly, you might convert back.  Target...Bow and Arrow... get it?
Neon Bow and Arrow Earrings on Etsy!

We just had an amazing photo shoot with Jill McKeever, of For Strange Women, and Kevin McKinney.  They played dress up all day, and came out with some amazing shots!  Here are just a few of the neon pics.  Girls just want to have fun!

Erin rocks the Coiled Snake Necklace in neon green!

We even created a little Treasury on Etsy to show-off some more ideas for bringing neon into your life. From the plethora of neon accessories on Etsy, we tried to choose styles that were a little less mainstream and a little more daring in design, or added just a touch of edited neon.
Neon Fashion on Etsy

Thank you for checking out our technicolor talk.  We wish that neon could stay in style, but alas, it will set with the sun one day soon. 

Do you have any designers that create innovative neon designs?  Please share them!  

-Katie of and

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