Sunday, September 20, 2009

Los Angeles Renegade Craft Fair July 2009

Katie and I had the pleasure of vending in the first annual Los Angeles Renegade Craft Fair July 12th & 13th and the California Market Center in downtown LA. We had a blast selling jewelry, scouting for boutiques, surfing, and, of course, going out. Check out our photos from our week in LA.

Scarlett Garnet moves to LA

Manning our booth

View of downtown LA from the top floor of the CA Market Center where the vendors were set up for the craft fair.

Our booth buddy, Shelia, of Destroyed By Design

Shelia's awesome set up. It's so nice when two different jewelry design companies get along so well in one booth. Pretty rare.

Hello KT

Customers - our favorite!!! Thanks for the support :)

Found some cows while scouting for boutiques. Felt right at home, as if we were back in the midwest.

Me and Katie at the, ahem... excuse me!, ETSY sponsored after party, (what!??!!!) where we drank mojitos and ate taquitos compliments of the online DIY shopping network itself. ETSY wined and dined the RCF vendors with the ploy to pick our brains for feedback on ways to better improve ETSY to suit even more of our DIY crafting needs. ETSY, you're PERFECT! We heart you! Wine and dine us again, any time, please. Love, SG.

What can we say, ETSY got our night off to a fantastic start. It's only natural to dance on motion activated light blocks from the future after several mojitos and not nearlly enough taquitos. Go Katie, go!!!

Yes, we are rockstars. It's the same Saturday night after the Renegade, after the mojitos, and we're still at it, courtesy of some local friends who showed us the LA night life ropes. We're drinking PBR tall boys and dancing it up LA style. T'was fun!!

Different night out in LA after a looooong day of boutique scouting. Hitting the pavement and talking to strangers trying to sell your product is exhausting! We needed a drink. Oh, and looky here - a whole entire vase full of peacock feathers. Must pose next to them.

Scarlett Garnet cuts loose in Malibu!!!!!!! Rather, we suffocate ourselves by stuffing our bodies into these impossibly tight wetsuits. It was the first time ever surfing for both of us, courtesy of our new found friends, Burak and Jehungir (sorry, I totally butchered the spelling of your name - phonetically pronounced "ja" "hung" "eer". Hope that makes up for it.) Not only did they teach us the basics of surfing, they also taught us all the "cool" lingo like, "shredding the gnar" and, "shred sled". Bro. It was a much needed, very nice treat after working all weekend long at the Renegade Craft Fair. Thank you, new found friends in LA. Thank you very much!
Yes, we surfed on these boards. It was awesome! We got up a few times, may have not stayed up for long, but at least we tried. Surfing is hard!!! Yet fun - let's do it again sometime.

Alas, this marks the end of our amazing LA experience. After hanging around the downtown and hanging out in Echo Park & Silverlake, we've got to agree, Los Angeles rocks! We look forward to next year!!!!

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