Monday, August 24, 2009

A Touching Custom Order

This has been my second summer selling Scarlett Garnet in the St. Louis Farmer's Markets. Being bright-eyed, bushy tailed, and completely set up by 8am on a Saturday is no easy task. However, the people I meet at the markets make it all worth while. Farmer's Market shoppers care about quality over quantity and enjoy meeting the farmer/goat-herder/artist behind their purchase. I had the lucky occasion to meet Gerard and Christy, a couple whose affection for each other was tangible. After their first visit to my booth, Gerard emailed me to request a custom piece for Christy, a sterling Trinacria, the symbol of Sicily. They had just returned from the island and Gerard wanted to surprise her with the special gift. I had the piece ready last Saturday at the Tower Grove, wrapped for the mid-market surprise. If I didn't recognize Gerard from our first meeting, I would have known him unmistakably by his eager grin as he entered my booth. I snuck him the package and he presented it to her right there. Jaw-dropping happiness took over her face! She couldn't stop hugging and starring at him incredulously for his thoughtfulness. They walked away and continued through the market, arm in arm, the picture of a happy couple young at heart. It is rare that we get to witness the initial reaction to one of our custom orders, so this was truly a special moment for Scarlett Garnet!

I regret that I did not get a picture of the necklace or the couple in their happy moment, but sometimes stories are meant to be shared and stored only up here (taps noggin with forefinger, tink tink).

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