Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Vogue Footwear - designed in St. Louis

Vogue wedge heel in teal and brown

If you follow us on social media, you've seen us blowing it up about Vogue Footwear! We've teamed up with them to share a little social media love, they even blogged about Scarlett Garnet on their site. If you Like them on Facebook, you'll get a code for $20 off your online order with free shipping. Or you can stop into the Scarlett Garnet storefront at 2619 Cherokee Street for a limited selection of their hot heels.

But let me tell you about the shoes....
Win 'Em All Boot by Vogue Footwear

I admit, I usually buy boots from Marshalls or the Value Village Thrift Store.  But now that I've tasted the good life of good boots, I'm not going back.  A quick tour of these beauties-

The colorful design is handpicked this southwest blanket wool from the mill in Woolrich, Pennsylvania. The print and texture go perfect with our Spaghetti Western Sunset Line.  Pair these with our Multi Metal Chevron Necklace- ride em cowgirl!  You will be planning your entire outfit around these babies.

The platform is 1" high, and the heel is 4 1/4" high, so you're really on walking on about 3" of heel.  What differentiates Vogue is that these heels are so sturdy and properly aligned.  I have no problem walking on huge heels, but when the heel spike isn't supporting you at the right part, or the slope is molded wrong, I find it hard to walk gracefully.  And I hate life by the end of the day when my dogs are barking.  

The deal-breaker: it has added padding at the ball of your foot. A little built in cushion keeps your foot from sliding and softens the blows of your power walk.  No more trying to stick those goofy little inserts into your shoe.  

Vogue has placed a logo on the back of the instep. I love this little added luxury look. 

Here is me, rocking the awesome boots at Cinco de Mayo on Cherokee Street in St. Louis.  All kinds of people were shouting, "Nice boots, girl!" 

Vogue footwear in st. louis designs these awesome boots

Vogue Footwear is designed in St. Louis.  Yes, the little ole Lou' breeds fashion.  Vogue is a part of Elan Polo, who produces privately labeled shoes for many outlets you know and frequent.  Vogue set out on its own in 2012 to be its own voice and reach a specific market.  

This young brand is dedicated to finding the trends and incorporating them in new ways.  Check out Vogue's Clever Edge pump.  The heel on this is slick.  

vogue footwear designed in st. louis, available at scarlett garnet
Clever Edge in Copper

They are very active on their Facebook page, with posts about independent fashion, outfit pairings and giveaways.  I have a feeling that as this brand grows, their quality and fashion forward styles will get better and better.

Thanks for reading!

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