Monday, November 28, 2011

Behind the Scenes with Ambitious Pixels

Josh Fry, the mastermind of Ambitious Pixels, has been filming Scarlett Garnet for a short documentary! He is showcasing small businesses, and has done extensive filming at SG's Kansas City studio, our St. Louis studio, with water-jet cutters and laser cutters in Kansas City, of Garnet's band in KC, and more places around town. We are so excited, and wanted to share a short teaser and some behind the scenes photos with you.

In the St. Louis studio. I'll be sitting at that bench to assemble jewelry.
This pic is taken from behind other side of the camera, looking in between the big lights.

From the other side of the camera! Lights and camera aimed and ready to get some video of me working.

Josh shooting Garnet's band, "The Delighted," playing at our KC Studio during our 5 year anniversary party.

Josh and his wife, Leena, silhouetted against the light shining through our cut metal negatives. Leena conducted the interviews, we even phoned her in to speak with Laura Kathleen, she is just that good at asking the probing questions.

The slate snaps so that one can always match up the timing of the audio and video in editing. An organized memory card of footage also has each section of filming labeled so you can find it again later.

Editing in Josh's home studio in KC. The amazing tools of technology.

Josh has won a regional Emmy for his work with the HALO Foundation, showing their work connecting orphans in Kenya, Africa, with students in the U.S. You can see more of the work of Ambitious Pixels at

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