Sunday, December 28, 2008


I was asked by my friend, Katie England, to create the jewelry for her wedding attendants. Saving the date for the Friday after Thanksgiving, she went with the Fall theme. KTE incorporated rich browns and oranges into the decor and dress, which fit splendidly with the reception at Quail's Ridge Lodge in Wentzville, MO. My friend, Melissa Jackson with Half-Baked Gourmet, built a delicious and gorgeous tri-layer cake with chocolate bark, ribbons and gilded accents. I knew that Katie would appreciate some creative flair with the bridesmaid gifts, so I had fun tailoring a necklace to each girl's personality. These pieces are made with an actual leaf that has been electroplated in copper. Paired with dark pearls, copper chain, and swarovski crystal, these necklaces and earrings were a little earthy bling. Congrats to Katie and Eric!

2008 was a year of engagements for the England tribe.

Melissa's Cake- More than just a pretty face, it's freakin delicious!

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Melissa said...

Beautiful jewelry made by beautiful girls!